Tax Returns Checklist

Checklist for Individual Tax Returns


  • PAYG Payment Summary from your employer or superfund
  • Centrelink statement of benefits/group certificate
  • Investment income:
    • Dividend statements
    • Bank interest
    • Managed investments
    • Foreign income
  • Details of shares or other asset sales for capital gains
  • Rental property income
  • ETP (Eligible Termination Payments)
  • Distributions from Trusts or Partnerships


  • Capital Gain Expense
  • Clothing /uniform or protective clothing expense
  • Books/Journals/Library expense
  • Borrowing costs and Interest on investments
  • Computer costs
  • Conference/Seminar/Professional Development and associated travel costs
  • Donations
  • Education expenses (must relate to your work)
  • Home office expenses
  • Income protection insurance costs
  • Motor vehicle expenses
  • Professional associations or subscriptions
  • Rental property expenses
  • Printing/stationery and postage costs
  • Sun protection expenses
  • Telephone expenses
  • Tools and equipment expenses
  • Union Fees
  • Other Information
    • Medical expenses exceeding the $1500.00 threshold
    • Private health insurance statement
    • HECS statement
    • Your partner/spouse/dependants taxable income


You must substantiate your expenses to be able to claim them. You must have written evidence stating the name of the supplier, the amount, the nature of the goods or service, the date purchased in order to claim your deduction.

Checklist for Business Tax Returns & Financial Statements


  • Accounting software backups and passwords such as MYOB or Quickbooks
  • Bank statements for the whole financial year for all business cheque accounts and
    business loans
  • List of debtors as at 30th June
  • Stock on hand as at 30th June
  • Dates, value and tax invoice of assets purchased and sold during the financial year
  • Information regarding contracts and finance obtained during the financial year
  • List of creditors as at 30th June
  • An estimate of private usage of home expenses such as electricity and telephone
  • Motor vehicle log books
  • Copies of PAYG Summaries for all employees
Checklist - TD Accounting