Business History

TD Accounting has been in operation since 1996. After 10 years of working for local accounting firm’s Trish Daniel decided it was time to go into business for herself.

After humble beginnings and only a handful of clients, Trish grew her business through hard work and determination.

Trish’s approach to accounting was based on a more personalised and caring service for each client. This approach has proved to be a successful one, with a continued growth in the client base and the employment of new staff within the business.

TD Accounting’s core client base is made up of small to medium businesses. Being a small business, TD Accounting and its staff understand the issues that face small business.

Growth and Good Reputation

With a personal and caring approach shown to every client, TD Accounting has been able to grow the business from only a few clients to become a well respected accounting practice with a good reputation for service.

A growing business has meant the employment of new staff members. In 2005 Trish’s son John Daniel joined the team as a qualified accountant. This meant that both Trish and John were able to continue to provide an excellent service for all clients.

Another addition to the team has been Jenny Mitchelson. Jenny joined the team in January 2011. Jenny works within our reception as well as assisting with BAS and bookkeeping tasks. In August 2008 Glenda Hoskin joined the TD Accounting team. In March 2016 Prue Hutuchinson joined our team. Both Glenda and Prue specialises in Individual and small business taxation and GST.

Business Development

As the business grew over the years, we saw the need to change and adapt.

A major change that occurred in recent times is a change in the name of the business from Trish Daniel Accounting to TD ACCOUNTING.

The change was a reflection of the increased contribution that John Daniel was making to the business. This change gave more flexibility to the business and allowed the focus to shift from Trish to a more balanced approach that included both John and Trish.

This and other changes within the business enabled TD Accounting to continue to offer clients a high standard of service.

In March 2016 Trish retired and the practice was taken over by John Daniel. Trish is still a part of the business in a consultancy role.